What are latins doing online?


What are latins doing online?

The use of the Internet has spread to almost every corner of the world, becoming it as an obligatory tool for every person or business. The Internet has allowed the access to an immense variety of tools that ease communication and provide updated information. Unfortunately, this variety is extremely wide that it’s impossible to use all the possible options at the same time.

According to the study Uses of Internet in Latin America (Usos de Internet en Latinoamerica) by Datanalisis-Tendencias Digitales, there are three hundred and thirty million people who use the Internet in the region, which represents 56% of the population. 64% of this users access the Internet to check their e-mail account, chat and use social networks, which constitutes 35% of Latin America’s total population. The countries with the higher amount of this netizens in their population are Uruguay with 70% and Mexico with 68%.

Datanalisis-Tendencias Digitales also identified a group of people represented by using the Internet for the utilization of specialized tools and to do more diverse activities. Consumers who generate and post content on digital media, for example, bloggers known as “advanced users” and constitute the 12% of the total, while people who produce multimedia and stream content are called “expert users”. This last segment only comprehends the 7% and the countries with higher percentages of these users are Ecuador (11%), Chile (9%), Panama (9%), and Costa Rica (9%). It is important to emphasize that the number of expert users is growing, while the amount of basic users is declining.

These results allow us to identify some market opportunities like the following:
• Existence of different segments: Not every Internet user does the same things online. This is relevant because we must identify the type of user our market is in order to develop strategies for the right channels.
• Scope of the email: Even though there are different types of users, all of them use an e-mail account. Also, for a specific segment (basic users) the only reason to go online is to check or send new messages. This means that the e-mail is the media with the higher reach within netizens.
• Streaming growth: creation and transmission of live content through the internet is growing rapidly through the Latin community, especially in young users, which represents a very good tool to reach this segment.

When using the Internet for your business, it’s of great importance to know the reasons why your markets uses the Internet in order to pick the best strategy. Do you know what do Latins use the internet for? Why do you go online? How can you apply this knowledge in your next business strategy?

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