They raid Bodie’s home, but find only his grandmother


The drama inside the Bigg Boss 11 seems to have no end as the contestants in Salman Khan show this season leave no chance to create a stir. In Sunday Weekend Ka vaar episode saw Sapna Chaudhary being evicted from the house and Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma fighting it out after Vikas tried to guide Priyank. It is said that anger makes one mouth work faster than the mind a thought that perfectly captures the current mood inside the Bigg Boss House..

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iphone 7 case Polk visits Mahon in the hospital, where he learns that Mahon will be getting an early retirement and an increase in his pension due to his injury. Meanwhile, Herc and Carver drive to a juvenile detention center in Prince George’s County, only to find that Bodie has escaped from the low security facility. They raid Bodie’s home, but find only his grandmother. iphone 7 case

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