Not the crammed in a carriage commuter kind

There is something inescapably romantic about rail travel. Not the crammed in a carriage commuter kind, but the sort of journey where one embarks in a glamorous European city, wearing Chanel and exchanging witty banter with a suave chap who later buys you a martini in the restaurant car, while the ivories are gently tinkled. Think Daniel Craig and Eva Green in Casino Royale or, even better, Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint in North by Northwest.

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canada goose I’ve walked about 500 miles east from The Shire in University of California cheap canada goose, Irvine and currently resting in the city of Globe, AZ. My journey will take me through Las Cruces, NM; El Paso, TX; Austin, TX; New Orleans, LA; parts of Mississippi; parts of Alabama; and finally, Florida. My plan is to walk into Jacksonville, FL by August 2012, just before I head back to school canada goose.

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