Best Latino Albums of 2017


Let’s talk about the top albums of the year made by Latinos.

Undeniably 2017 was a great year for Latino music. Across all musical genres, Latinos crafted unique and infectious albums combining their rich cultural background with other musical references and inspiration.

Latin music is on the rise and this year gave us some truly amazing albums that we will continue talking about for years to come. Below we give you a list of the best Latino albums of 2017.


Best Latino Albums of 2017

1. Fénix, Nicky Jam

Fénix digitally archives two of his biggest moments: “El Perdón” with Enrique Iglesias and “Hasta el Amanecer,” after weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. The success of these singles may be a testament to the identification of the Nicky Jam sweet spot – lyrics that illustrate him asking for forgiveness, or chasing women with just the right amount of a saccharine tone, driven by a neo-perreo reggaetón beat that falls slightly to the back of the N-I-C-K-Y narrative.


Best Latino Albums of 2017

2. El Dorado, Shakira

It’s an album sung mostly in Spanish, Shakira’s original language — though she is now fluent in English — and it’s full of love songs carried by tropical rhythms. The album is named after a mythical golden city sought in the Americas by Europeans. “Finding inspiration itself and realizing it had always been there all along — that was my El Dorado,” she said. “That was a perfect state of mind.”

New York Times

Best Latino Albums of 2017

3. Energia, J Balvin

For Energia, Balvin has incorporated a variety of music genres to create his own sound. There are moments of traditional reggaeton along with broader elements of pop, R&B, hip-hop and trap. The end result is a mostly uptempo collection that is the perfect soundtrack for a party.

Entertainment Focus

Best Latino Albums of 2017

4. Odisea, Ozuna

“Odisea” takes reggaeton as a jumping-off point, but doesn’t stay there. It includes collaborations with J Balvin, Zion & Lennox and Nicky Jam, artists who have pushed the genre to new pop heights.

New York Times

Best Latino Albums of 2017

5. Golden, Romeo Santos

Golden is a bachata record that fuses various styles and sounds, from bossa nova (“El Papel, Pt. 1 (Versión Amante)”) to hip-hop, doo-wop (“Un Vuelo A LA”), and even Puerto Rican reggaeton (“Bella y Sensual”) and jibaro. Even when he makes a nod to new English-speaking fans (“I’ve been doing this a while/Put in work and traveling miles”) with a hip-pop intro co-written by Ne-Yo, he closes it out with a verse in Spanish.



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