7 Latino-owned businesses you need to know


Discover these amazing businesses that are owned by proud Latinos.

A great way to show your support for the Latino community is to shop at Latino-owned businesses. Did you know that between the year 2007 and 2012 Latinos created 86 percent of new businesses?

Latinos are definitely making a splash in the business community with original products that embrace and celebrate their rich culture and heritage.

Let’s take a look at 7 of these amazing Latino-owned businesses. You will definitely love them!

1. Oh Comadre Candles


Oh Comadre Candles was created by Marcella Gomez, a Latina wife and mother who took her love of candles to another level. All her candles are hand poured and made with an organic veggie soy wax and cotton wick.

oh comadreoh comadre2. The Pin Mix


The Pin Mix is a Brooklyn-based business that makes stylish pins inspired by pop culture. You can find pins of Latino icons such as Selena, queen of Tex-Mex, or Soraya, queen of novelas.

the pin mix

the pin mix3. Cha Cha Covers


Cha Cha Covers was founded in 2012 by proud Latina Ana Guajardo. This Los Angeles-based business makes fun and creative nail covers that highlight Mexican pop culture. You can find nail covers with Juanga, el Santo or la loteria.

cha cha covers

cha cha covers4. Triangulo Swag


Triangulo Swag was founded by Alfredo Perez, a film director and urban Latin pioneer from Dominican Republic. This clothing line has become the favorite of many Latino musicians and entertainers, such as Wisin or 3Ball Mty.

triangulo swag

triangulo swag5. Born x Raised


This streetwear clothing line takes its inspirations from Chicano culture, indigenous heritage and a lot of punk attitude.

born x raised

born x raised6. Sweet Llamita


Graphic designer Brenda created Sweet Llamita in 2014. She started this business because she wanted to create premium, culturally relevant greeting cards that could connect with the Latino community.

sweet llamita

sweet llamita

7. Coyote Negro


This beautiful jewelry line was created by Puerto Rican Art Director Melissa Hernández.

All the pieces are true works of art!

coyote negro

coyote negro

Do you know any other Latino business? Make sure to share it with us!

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